Dream Research Innovate
Problem/Project Based Learning™

Created in 2018, this platform is meant to promote school age students to enable skills that are not developed in a regular academic setting. This program is meant to make students realize their true potential by cultivating their curiosity and promote their personal interest by encouraging them in a very unique way.

Some Projects


Heat stroke and heat-related illnesses are a prevalent problem throughout the world, especially in our community of Arizona during the summer months, where prolonged exposure of heat without proper care can lead to nausea, dizziness, fainting, and possible death. We want to help prevent heat stroke and heat-related illnesses from happening to you and your loved ones while you're outside enjoying the sun.


This is a AI driven device that will help people differentiate between truly recyclable and non-recyclable items in Schools and other commercial places. This product was intended to enhence educating people about sustainability and the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.


This product is a result of research and innovation from a 9th grader through her #1 international Best seller. This product is a superfood rich in Flavaniods that is available in India.

SAR Band

The SAR Band is an adjustable, wearable band that can keep track of a student athlete’s rehabilitation progress and communicate quantitative data to the trainer and the injured athlete. This product is focused specifically on knee and ankle joints as they are the most injury-prone areas. In fact, in the period 2005-2011, ankle sprains made up about 16% of all sports-related injuries reported by high school athletes. These injuries often cause swelling and limit the range of motion, which change accordingly to the stage of recovery. It is imperative to measure these two variables in relation to an athlete’s rehabilitation process, as they inform trainers on an athlete’s progress healing: reduction in inflammation and improvement in degree of movement of the afflicted joint are strongly correlated with healing and returning to normal function.


The proposed invention of a portable Wi-band combines a stripped-down Wifi repeater with a “go anywhere” battery pack that improves Wifi connectivity for users who have a need to be in unanticipated places or in adverse circumstances. Our primary target audience are critical personnel who have to often work in such environments such as police officers, first response officers, EMTs and senior-care aides, people who cannot move out of dead zones such as wheelchair-bound people and patients in hospitals. Our secondary target audience are disadvantaged people such as the homeless, school children in rural and poorly-served districts, and the general population. All the members of our target audience should be able to improve Wifi connectivity in the field using our invention.